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Here’s Celebrating You.

November 7, 2014

Happy birthday to Me. 

I’ve been thinking about birthdays. Why are we always so excited about them? I know I am. Every year. Why is the date that you were born on so important to the people around you?

The answer is simple. Because you’re important. You are worth celebrating. It’s a miracle that somebody as wonderful as you exists. And this day is a happy day just because of that fact. 

All year round, you make mistakes, you falter, you work hard to correct them, you fail again, you beat yourself up, you are harsh on yourself. Then comes this one day when everyone around you showers love and hugs on you. When long lost friends call you up. When people who genuinely love you, are genuinely happy making your day. To remind you that you are beautiful albeit flawed. You are loved albeit misunderstood. You are missed and never truly forgotten. 

Happy birthday, Neha. I love you. 

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