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Book review – 99 : Unforgettable Fiction, Non – Fiction, Poetry & Humour 

October 8, 2014

99 is a brilliant compilation of Khushwant Singh’s writing, put together by his granddaughter Mala Dayal, and David Davidar, who has worked with him earlier as editor.

If you have never read Khushwant Singh, and are planning to pick up one of his books, make it this one. Singh’s writing was always unabashedly unapologetic, often provocative and sometimes bawdy. It was evident he enjoyed writing. And hence as a reader, you’d enjoy his writing too.

In the editors’ words, 99 “is intended to be a lasting tribute to an iconic and much loved writer.” The book, divided into fifteen sections, features Singh’s finest fiction, journalism, essays, translations, historical writings.

I enjoyed reading 99. Having read some of his fiction, it was a delightful revisit for me while his translations and some other pieces were new to me and they were very interesting. Singh has been one of our most fascinating writers and you should not miss this compilation of his finest work.

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