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Book Review : 60 minutes by Upendra Namburi

July 29, 2014

60 minutes by Upendra Namburi is one of the recent books I received for review and I finished it over this last weekend. It is the story of Agastya, the CMO at a corporate firm, who has 60 minutes to save both his job and his marriage.

60 minutes


The story is interesting, especially for someone like me who is also in the sales and marketing profession. Agastya is ambitious and arrogant while his adversary Sailesh is calculative, and the author describes very well the animosity and cold war between the two. However, sometimes the description of the enmity does seem a tad over the top. 

The story also prominently features Maithili, Agastya’s ex, who is hell-bent on seeking revenge from him for breaking her trust. Their interactions are racy and passionate.

The book is a roller-coaster ride, really. Sometimes, the pace is fast and I was breezing through the pages, and yet there were certain sections that were hard to get through and they dampened the pace of the book. Overall, though, 60 minutes is a nice, interesting weekend read. Go pick it up and tell me what you think.

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  1. July 30, 2014 12:19 am

    How is the language, Neha? Often I find that a great story is dragged down by hopeless language. Great review 🙂

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